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Since local newspapers are not covering much of anything these days perhaps there is a place for this website.

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The site has been restored, but i have lost interest in it. Nobody’s happy. If you want to run it make me an offer.

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(Originally written in May of 2009 and never published)

Just so you know.

The blog is not and has never been part of a conspiracy to cover up the dirt in Aurora.  I just put myself in the place of other people, and try to keep the blog out of the gutter, try to make it a way to communicate and help residents get answers and news.

When i heard about the Saturday school party, i checked the blog as i have not been moderating the comments.

I saw comments. I deleted them. I deleted them with out any communication with anyone. I did it on my own accord.

I deleted them because they are about kids. I haven’t printed the name of other kids either.
From what i know the school didn’t give the anyone special treatment. They were the ones who called the police. If the school administrators had looked the other way, then that would be news.

There is a lot of stuff that i don’t post, some real inflammatory stuff.  People carry grudges, people lie, especially when they are anonymous and protected.  People love to throw dirt and see people fail.  Seems that blogs are lot more fun and numerous when there is someone to hurt.

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The site was hacked again. By someone from kurdistan creepy, left a skull and message.

Thanks to “Ron, The the Magician” for his help

Lost the most recent posts.

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Bicentennial Park


Around Aurora you’ll find all sorts of yard and house displays. We’ve collected a sampling of the beauty of the season for you to enjoy!
(click the pics for larger images)

The city’s century homes look beautiful in their simple and stark lighting. Inflatable yard decorations add holiday themes to the colored light strands. In Four Seasons there’s is a huge tree decorated in white lights, Lloyd Ave.(how did they get them up there?) and a minimalist group of trees that look like modern art. Geauga Lake has some great decorations.

Hawthorne is decorated with an assortment of displays, lights and spotlighting. Make sure to drive through the historic district and see the City’s display of lights!

If you are getting the family in the car for a road trip to look at lights, here’s three that you won’t want to miss. At the corner of Egglestone and Taylor May Rds. in Bainbridge is a drive-thru yard, off Bainbridge Rd. west of 306 turn left on Kenston Lakes Dr. you can’t miss it, a huge display and lastly take Bartlett Rd. east a couple of miles and look on your left. Here’s some more in Aurora.

dsc01925.JPGCalifornia St.Four Seasonsdsc01916.JPGdsc01917.JPGdsc01918.JPGdsc01921.JPG

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This site has been down for a while, while was trying to figure out what went happened.
Seems the site was hacked or got corrupted somehow.

Finally back up with new security upgrades.  Merry Christmas to all

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What, the Aurora election is over?  Did everyone who was running unopposed get elected?  What a boring election.

And who are the 700+ stupid people who voted for Richard Duncan?  What a waste of a vote on candidate who has no clue.

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The Aurora Greenman football team will play Canfield in the first round of the playoffs.

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At the Aurora School Board meeting last night the teacher’s union spokesman J. Perez read a statement. I have contacted the Union spokeswoman twice with out a reply. The oral statement reviewed the negotiation process and urged the public to contact the board and ask for fair negotiations. Board President Kohanski said their negotiating team was ready to meet at any time and wanted to reach a settlement.  About 60 teachers dressed in black attended. They were polite and orderly.

The school treasurer presented a report and a 5-year plan.  Here is the Financial Forecast and Treasurer’s Report. The 5-year financial plan did not seem good, but i could not hear much of the treasurer’s report due to the lack of a sound system. The state of Ohio is late with a payment, and tax revenue is down.

About 15 Lice Moms presented information to the board and urged them to establish new guidelines for lice and other medical conditions.

An $18,000 gift from the sports booster was gratefully acknowledged. Money for overnight field trips was approved. Long term subs were approved. One parent asked why long term subs don’t have to have teaching certificates. They will get back to her.

Public comment portions of the meeting are limited to 15 minutes at the beginning and 15 minutes at the end.

The board then held an executive session and expected no  voting actions to come of it.

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From the Advocate

Aurora — An attempt at rezoning the 206-acre Aurora Golf Club so that more than 250 homes can be built is being made by the property’s owner — Aurora Recreation LLC.

At its Oct. 7 meeting, the city’s planning commission accepted the proposal for study. Planners have between 30 and 90 days to decide whether to send the proposal to City Council.

But some residents and city officials are already opposed to rezoning.

Hunter Banbury, the managing partner of Aurora Recreation LLC, said the firm now owns the property “free and clear” and is “looking to put it to a better use.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Trouble in paradise.  Herds of teachers in the parking lots before classes dressed in black with their buttons on.

This is apparently part of the Union negotiating tactics, “Black Monday” a pre-planned show of solidarity with their negotiating team or it was some kind of Ninja day, or a Johnny Cash tribute.

The School Board and administration is unable to comment on specific items due to legal restrictions of the Federal Mediation process.  The head of the teacher’s union had no comment about the black and the buttons, but referred my questions to this Advocate story.

Additionally, here is link to an Advocate article from a year ago which outlines salaries in the county  here.

Here is a state wide comparison. This seems to be the most complete listing.  Decide for yourself. It seems to be a complicated problem, some districts get more money per pupil, some excellent districts pay more, some less.

And more info about the district here.

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Can the schools get a donation of green turf paint?

check out the discussion,

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I am passing this along.

“We understand that the individual who bought the Big Dipper, which was the 12th roller coaster in the world when the park closed in 2007, at the June 2008 auction is still expressing an intent to preserve it. What form that will take we do not know, but as long as the Big Dipper remains intact we are hopeful that keeping it at Geauga Lake as part of the future development is a possibility.

The Geauga Lake “Skyscraper” observation tower (formerly known as the “Needle”) was removed this summer.  Around that time there was a media report quoting property owner Cedar Fair spokesperson Robin Innes as saying that the Big Dipper buyer had been asked to remove it from the property as soon as possible. While we understand that no firm deadline has been set and the statement was just echoing what had been said back at the time of the auction, we are concerned that this may suggest an unwillingness by Cedar Fair to consider options for keeping the Big Dipper on site at Geauga Lake.

We would like to ask everyone to consider writing a respectful and concise letter to Cedar Fair asking them to consider options for preserving the Big Dipper on site as part of the future development of Geauga Lake. Letters can be sent to the following address:

Mr. Jacob T. Falfas
One Cedar Point Drive
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Thank you for your time. We are convinced that for many years to come people will continue to celebrate the good memories made at Geauga Lake. For now the Big Dipper is still intact and we are hopeful that it will be part of future fun times as well”.

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dino eats the student

The Aurora rock comes to life and eats someone! Click it for a larger view

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 It should be dead but continues to live.

Saw an interesting show about Zombie Highways.

Seems the Aurora situation happens everywhere. Old traffic studies, changing traffic patterns, government $, and then the project won’t be stopped IT BECOMES A ZOMBIE! Wasting money and coming to eat you.

It all adds up to highways built when they are not needed.

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Check your kid, lice are going around big time

olive on July 17th, 2009

by Miles Jung-Kilbreath, ReporterAurora — A new plan to bring back a joint economic development district (JEDD) for the Marketplace at Four Corners could see Aurora and Bainbridge each receive 10 percent of income tax receipts for four years, with developer, the McGill Group, receiving 80 percent, according to Mayor Lynn McGill.

“Right now, [Four Corners] uses our police and other resources, but we don’t get any income tax money from them,” he said. “This would allow us to recoup the cost of those services.” Read the rest of this entry »

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From the Advocate

Aurora – It appears a children’s residential center will not become a reality in the former Geauga Lake Hotel at Route 43 and Treat Road.
On Tuesday, City Council approved a $25,000 settlement with Grant Edward Enterprises LLC, which would lead to the firm withdrawing an appeal to Portage County Common Pleas Court.
In February, Council upheld the planning commission’s December 2008 rejection of a conditional zoning certificate, which would have allowed the CRC to locate in the former hotel.
In April, Grant Edward Enterprises, through its attorney Sheldon Berns, filed an administrative appeal of Council’s denial with common pleas court.
Following a 20-minute executive session Tuesday, Council unanimously approved the city paying Grant Edward Enterprises $25,000, which would lead to a consent judgment and dismissal of the case.

So the city pays them $25,000!!!   The city ought to CUT THE GRASS for them and bill  $25,000. From the same city council that blah blahs about fireworks for weeks and drones onand on about minuscule spending. 

Residents— short on cash? Take the city to court then settle for big $$$$   Or is there more to this ?


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After the city failed to purchase the Aurora Country Club last week, the golf course will open to the public on April 17.

According to a press release, the country club will have “free golf for the opening weekend” with guests only having to pay cart fees. It also says the club will offer “season passes, a junior golf program and various tournament formats.”

The press release does not mention whether the club is being run by the owners, Aurora Recreation LLC, or a third party.

olive on March 25th, 2009

geauga lakeGeauga Lake fans should know that a mini-event is being held on April 25th at Noon, at the VFW Hall, across the street from the former amusement park to celebrate the park’s history and discuss the Big Dipper’s possible future.

Meant not to be a whine fest, “the event is not intended to criticize in any way property owner Cedar Fair or the unknown individual who bought the Big Dipper at the June 2008 auction. Rather, it is meant to be a positive event that both celebrates Geauga Lake’s 120 year history as an amusement park and asks whether there is any way that future development of the park land could preserve some of remnants of that history.”

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

SAGAMORE HILLS — Police and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to investigate the slaying of a 39-year-old Aurora woman in the parking lot of Panini’s Bar and Grill, 480 W. Aurora Road.

According to Sgt. Scott Cottle of the Sheriff’s Office, Stacy DiJulius, 39, of Aurora, died after being run over by a car driven by Erich Schultz, 38, of Glenwillow. The incident occurred at about 7:20 p.m. following an argument between the two which began in the restaurant and turned violent outside.


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Reggie’s Spaghetti House to Close its Doors on March 31, 2009 after nearly 28 years.

I am the daughter of Reggie Brooks, who passed away in March 2008. After 28 years, my family will be closing the restaurant. The family issued a press release to thank all of our very loyalty customers and residents of Aurora for their patronage.

Just thought it may be something you wanted to add to this site.

olive on March 9th, 2009

Dear Fellow Residents of Aurora:
Re: City’s proposed purchase of the former Aurora Country Club (“ACC”) Property

The following points were made in a recent e-mail that is being spread among Aurora residents.  Unfortunately it is based on incorrect information, poor assumptions and the unfounded fears of a few residents that are a very small minority trying to have a large voice.  It is our experience that the negatives voiced by a few are never aggressively countered by the common sense majority based on the theory that the minority is so small that it cannot win.  Our fear is that people will be as misinformed as the author(s) or will be too shortsighted for the long term benefit of this great community. Read the rest of this entry »

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Here’s a nice description and photo essay

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Aurora was down 5-0 at the start of the third period.

In a comeback that will go down as one of the biggest in tournament history, Aurora scored six straight goals to earn a 6-5 overtime victory over Bay Village in the first round of the Baron Cup III tournament Monday at the Brooklyn Recreation Center.

Junior wing Aaron Jaskiewicz scored the game-winning goal with almost two minutes expired in overtime, erasing what had been a 5-0 deficit entering the third period.

Jaskiewicz and linemate David Walker, a senior, had hat tricks, and linemate Jester Sandsjo, an exchange student from Sweden, had five assists.

Buddy Martin had a hat trick for the Rockets, who went scoreless over the last 17:55.

“We were joking that the goals were going to come in bunches once we got that first goal, but we never dreamed they’d come in bunches like that,” said Aurora coach John Sheridan. “You just can’t imagine a comeback like that until it happens.”

From the Plain Dealer staf reports